Endangered Animals World Tour


Come on tour with country singer Rooster Flatts as he travels the world and crows about endangered, vulnerable, and threatened species on each continent! Children will love learning about polar bears, manatees, sloths, rhinos, orangutans, leatherback sea turtles, and emperor penguins. This engaging picture book increases awareness of animals and the ways our actions affect them by delivering interesting facts about their habits and habitats with a fun and fresh country-music twist.

Written by Chip Poakeart
Illustrated by Catalin Ardeleanu


ISBN: 9781503759930
Dimensions: 10.25″ x 10.25″
Pages: 40
Age: 4-8 Years

Available October 2022

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"The characters' breezy cool...establish a comedy sketch feel early on and deliver on it." — Publishers Weekly
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"Young readers will have a riotously good time trying to follow along with these silly characters, and more sophisticated readers will enjoy a few additional nods and winks as well." — SLJ
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