Earth Day Books to Inspire Young Environmentalists

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Share stories about our world and what we can do to care for it with our favorite Earth Day books perfect for young environmentalists!


The Chalk Garden

“For the patient, the protagonist’s world will be pleasing.” — Kirkus Reviews

What can you create with a little chalk and a big idea? As Emma uses her imagination to draw a beautiful flower garden with sidewalk chalk, a tiny ecosystem develops outside her door, with real-life flowers that bud and bloom!

Buy it here: The Chalk Garden

Home Is Where the Hive Is

“…teaches children about habitats and the importance of pollinators…” — Primary Science Magazine

Beatrice is a bee. She and her 50,000 sisters have always lived in Big Tree Hive. But lately, the neighbors have been making some changes. As Beatrice sets out to search for a new home for her family, she discovers a surprising new place to belong. This lushly illustrated story is a sweet reflection on home, habitat, and how to be a good neighbor.

Buy it here: Home Is Where the Hive Is


“This is a book that offers young readers the opportunity to discuss the effects of climate change in an empathetic way, research the science behind it in relation to the warming of the oceans, and to consider what we can do to help.”   — Just Imagine

Once, the ocean was full of friends. But lately, a little jellyfish named Luna has noticed that things are changing–friends are disappearing! When she sets out to find them, she discovers that everyone has a part to play in protecting the careful balance of the ocean. In this beautifully illustrated and timely tale, little Luna comes up with a powerful way to deliver a message that inspires helpfulness and hope.

Buy it here: Bloom


E is for Earth! An Eco-Friendly Alphabet

From A to Z, explore our amazing planet and how you can help care for it in this introduction to going green! With inspiring language and vibrant illustrations, this alphabet board book introduces little ones to the exciting world of environmental activism and the big and small steps that children can take to help protect the earth.page3image10692560

Go Go Eco Tin Can: My First Recycling Book

Won “Best Board Book of 2021” by Bookstagang

What happens to a tin can once you’ve slurped your soup? Find out in this amazing recycling journey. Interactive fun for young eco-heroes includes turning the wheel to drop the can in the recycling bin, and pulling the slider to move the assembly line of shiny new cans!

Go Go Eco Apple: My First Recycling Book

What happens to an apple after you’ve munched it? Find out in this amazing recycling journey. Interactive fun for young eco-heroes includes turning the wheel to drop the apple core in the food waste bin and pulling the slider to see new apples grow!

Buy it here: Go Go Eco Apple: My First Recycling Book

Interview with Sally Anne Garland

Sally Anne Garland grew up in Alness, a small town in the Highlands of Scotland. She studied Illustration and Graphic Design at Edinburgh College of Art and is currently based in Glasgow, where she lives with her partner and son…

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